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My name is Paul Damian Wells. I'm an Independent Voting Rights Advocate from Forest Grove, Oregon and I've been actively involved in Nonpartisan Election Reform for over 20 years. This is my website.
When I began voting in the 1970's, the two major parties were called "big tents". Each party strived to appeal to as many voters as possible and choosing between Republican and Democratic candidates was often very difficult. Increasingly, centrist voters are dropping out of the Republican and Democratic parties. The result is that both major parties are now dominated by partisan extremists. Moderate candidates rarely survive either the Republican or Democratic Primary.
A large group of centrist voters - disenfranchised by the two-party system.
I don't hate Democrats or Republicans. Given the opportunity, I would gladly support any reasonable Republican or Democratic candidate - I just don't seem to get that opportunity very often anymore. In Oregon, like many other states, the general election has devolved into a choice between the lesser of two evils. We can and should do better:
1. Both the Primary and General Elections should be open to all voters and candidates - regardless of party affiliation.
2. For each office, the General Election should be a runnoff between only the top two candidates - even if these candidates are members of the same party.
3. For each office, all voters and candidates - regardless of party affiliation, should be allowed to participate in selecting the top two candidates at the Primary Election.
Attorney to represent voters in a civil action challenging the constitionality of Partisan Elections in Oregon.
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I have placed an Ad in the July issue of the Oregon State Bar "Bulletin". This pubication is delivered to all OSB members.
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