Contact Info

If you are an attorney interested in representing plaintiffs in this case, please respond by email or snail mail to:

     Paul Damian Wells
     3015 Pacific Ave. #13E
     Forest Grove, Or. 97116
A large group of centrist voters - disenfranchised by the two-party system.

The Keel

In your response, please include the following:

1. Your name, age and contact info.

2. A short summary of your experience in jury trials, civil procedure and the preparation of evidence. Years of experience.

3. A statement that you understand the political overtones of this case and accept the risks.

4. A short statement as to why you are interested. ( I originally hoped to retain an attorney that actually believed in the issues, but it turns out that such an individual is likely to be emotionally vested. Not a good idea. I don't know what a good answer to this question is, but I still think it is a good question and it should be asked and answered.)